Volume 2 (hard copy)

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GUITAR, a  quick learning method, Volume 2


  • Classical and fingerstyle/ arpeggio skills
  • Progressive chord exercises
  • Fretboard / position playing exercises
  • Playing in the I, II, V and VII position
  • To combine and how to play in different positions
  • 55 beautiful songs to play and to practice
  • Scale exercises
  • Reading music in several position
  • To play the melody and chords in one song
  • Left- and right hand technique


Volume two is a quick learning method  for those students, who want to learn to play the guitar in a short time. 

Volume 2 can be practiced with and without a teacher. All instructions of the songs and lessons in the book are to be seen on You tube. With the instruction the student will step by step achieve a higher level.

The books ‘Guitar, a quick learning method’ are two volumes that guides the students to a classical guitar player or a guitar player in pop music. All the (basic) techniques are to be found in the books. Such as arpeggio playing, playing in several positions, the apoyando and the tirando, chords and advanced chords, melody playing with chords etc.

Above all, the songs and exercises in the books are so written that the student feels like playing like a real guitar player. The student can also perform the songs for public.