Ton Broekmeijer is well-known composer and teacher for guitar. He studied guitar, piano and composition at two colleges of music and has a bachelor degree in music education and composition. Through the years he composed for several instruments , such as piano, guitar, string quartet ans many other instruments. 

As a professor guitar he wrote several guitarmethods/ books for his students so they could become excellent guitar players in a short time. 

The songs and exercises in the guitar books are a mix of pop, classical, rock and a touch of jazz music. Beautiful songs and exercises to play and to practise. At the end of the books you can choose your style to continue to play.    (Pop, classic ..). You will have an excellent righ- and left hand technique, you will know the fretboard, the theory and lovely songs to preform.

The books are composed in such a way that you will play and sound like a real guitar player in a few weeks.

The books are also  an execellent preperation for a study at a High school for Music