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  1. I bought the book Guitar a different way to play the chords, vol 1. Indeed it helped me to become better guitar player as promised in the discription. Love pieces to play and to practise and also with the help of the You tube lessons with the book.

  2. I bought the book ‘ Guitar a quick learning method vol 1.
    Indeed after a couple of weeks I could play some nice songs in my guitar. Lovely pieces to practise and to play.
    You should try it!!!!

  3. At last , a method , quick learning vol 1, that indeed helped me to play the Guitar better. Beautiful songs to play and to practise. I play so much better now!!!!


  4. Indeed George, Thank you for your fitst review. I bought also vol 1 and I now can play so much better and I make my OWN songs. Everybody should try the book!!

  5. I use the book ‘Guitar, 24 pieces Vol 1 and II with my students.
    They loved it. It’s a touch of pop and classical music. It’s well written for guitar. Lovely pieces and a good way to more clasical pieces.

  6. Thank for the albums 24 pieces vol 1&2. Beautiful songs and exercises for the Guitar. I also Beckand a better guitarplayer and With percussionist I preform some pieces.

  7. I habe 24 pieces for Guitar . Herliche stucke und sehr gut zum unterricht gut meine schuler.

  8. As a teacher I use vol 1 rockguitar. My students lovend it, Beautiful rock songs, easy to play and they sound like real rockplayers just after a couple of weeks. Waiting for vol 2

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