24 pieces Vol. 2 (hardcopy)

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Guitarmethod, with beautiful songs, to become an excellent guitarplayer


Guitar, 24 pieces, volume 1.


  • 24 pieces for guitar
  • arpeggio songs
  • melodic etudes
  • classic songs
  • chord songs
  • pop songs, some with a touch to well-known songs
  • playing in several position
  • notes and tablature 
  • This book for guitar is an additional to the methodGuitar ‘a quick learning method, vol. 1 & 2.

The pieces in this book are a mix of classic, pop, rock and Spanish music, from easy to medium and lovely to play. The pieces in the book will improve your guitar playing, as well your right- and left hand technique. The pieces can also to be played for a public.

With the book you’ll also receive the songs in video.